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I Am Just The Driver and myself headed to WV Charles Town to do the WV star this weekend. Our GPS's loaded with the launch GPX files and clear skies.  Saturday we did 17, had a fine lunch, went for 9 more then had a finer supper and called it a day.  17 was WV star #34 which was my 1000th find.  I had set a goal of 800 for 2015 but with the increasing love of trails and stars of caching buddy I hit 1000.  YIPPEE SKIPPY.  IAJTD is also roaring past his 500th find.  Don't think he will make 1000 this year but one never knows and we are only 7/12 thru the year.  We need to go back and complete the star two DNF (found they were moved, but not until we were home) and one we did not attempt as it was on a small hill that was solid green and most of the green was poison ivy.  Fall trip planned, and we can pick up the local hides on that trip as well. 

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Wow, you guys are on a meteoric rise, congrats!
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