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This forum is intended for discussion regarding challenge caches.  There is a subtle difference between milestones and challenges, and they may cross over.  In order to maintain thread continuity, we request that you discuss challenge cache pursuit here, and milestone pursuit in the Milestone forum for the time being.  We'll have to see how this works out over time.  If it becomes to cumbersome, we may collapse all of that into one forum.

Here's an example:  Simon and I are currently pursuing the completion of the difficulty/terrain grid.  That is a personal goal, and a milestone we hope to achieve.  There are, no doubt, challenge caches associated with achieving that milestone.  We are not currently pursuing any such challenge caches.  If we were searching for help finding a suitable cache to help complete the grid for our milestone, that discussion should occur in the Milestone forum.  If we were seeking help with the Challenge cache associated with that goal, that discussion should occur here.  

As always, we are welcome to feedback so feel free to chat it up!
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