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Caught this on my news feed (USA Today) and thought I would share

Alert utility workers in Nebraska called 911 after spotting a suspicious package wrapped in yellow tape and hanging from a wire in a pine tree.  Bomb squad responders determined it was a banana used as a geocache

Wonder how many other caches we are going to find bomb squads responding to?

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What gets me is that few of them are that alarmist in nature. I really wish people would stop and think first: is this actually a location that I would consider to be a threat location, or is it possible I am overreacting? For instance, I would consider zero guardrails to be possible threats. I've seen Park guidelines that state to only use clear containers so nobody thinks they're bombs. That's a great guideline, but are terrorists really targeting patches of woods?

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This has been going on for years (just use "geocache bomb threat" as a search term on Google)), and is unlikely to end.  It is also the source of many of the Groundspeak guidelines.  You must remember that the full spectrum of humanity discovers these things, including those with little or no common sense, and those with a less than stellar education (or intellect).  Is you cache hidden in a way to signal to them that is just part of a game?  Does it have a label on the outside? Does it appear to be innocuous?  Likely not.  We all,live in a world where geocaching is a major part of reality, but for most humans that is not the case, they are not even aware of the hobby.  First responders and governments are dealing with an unprecedented level of innovation and variety of possibilities when it comes to terrorism in today's world, and they correctly respond expecting the worst in todays security environment.  You are only going to see more of this not less.

Ruralseeker, just as you live in a world where geocaching is omnipresent, you don't live in a world where roadside bombs are a common experience for you.  For someone who lives in that world, a guardrail hide is a nightmare waiting to happen.  How many guardrail finds have you made where the container was unmarked?  How many guard rail hides do you know of where the land owner's (Local government, Department of Transportation, etc?)permission was sought and obtained?  Im suspect those numbers are very, very low.

Sad as it may be, this is the work we live in.  We all need to cache responsibly.


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