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Puzzle cachers in the group requested this forum, so it was created.  Please use this topic to discuss and determine how this forum might most appropriately be used.  For clearness, the forum software calls each thread within a forum a topic, so i will use that taxonomy in this discussion.  Here are some topics to consider:

How do we avoid posting puzzle solutions, or giving away the solution to a specific cache?

How does one ask for help with solving a particular puzzle without referring to the cache itself?  Perhaps by type?

Should topics be established (they could be pinned) that are specific to solving particular sorts of puzzles?  Sort of pointers or lessons learned when trying to solve a particular type.  Thus a topic on steganography, a topic on codes and ciphers, a topic on geometric/trigonometric puzzles etc.

Keep in mind that there are already many puzzle tool links on the useful link page of the C3F website.

You puzzle types figure out how you want to use it, and we'll make it look like that.

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