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Seamus was a bit out of sorts this morning, off his feed and a little bit pukey, but nothing to indicate he was in extremis.  As we loaded the car to head out to the MGS CITO, we talked about whether he should go.  Last year we had torrential downpours, and the weather predictions for today were not great, and we were concerned that a day's walk in the rain might cause his arthritis to flare up, so we decided to leave him at home for this trip.  He clearly was not feeling well, as he was not rushing around and asking for the leash or trying to to get in the car, but rather curled up by the garage door as we loaded up and headed out, seemingly resigned to sitting this one out.  Guess he knew he was not up to it.

When we come home, he was not there to greet us at the door, and we found him passed away in his favorite spot in the living room.  There was no evidence that he suffered.

Seamus was the happiest dog we have had, and he loved to hit the trails and go caching with us.  He was always up for an adventure, and he brightened the world around him with his grins (even if they we hard to see), his kisses, and his ever wagging tail.  Our "buffoon in residence" will be sorely missed, both on the trail and off.

Please post notes of condolence here: http://coord.info/TB6WZBB If you choose the "Note" log choice, you will not require the tracking code.


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