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1 - Click on “Register” upper left (new page opens)

2 - Fill in required fields (“user name”  “password” “email address” “human verification image”

3 - Check off “I agree…” box & click submit

4 - You’ll receive a verification email, but can start viewing things and changing your settings now.  You will not be able to post or reply to topics on the forum until you have received and responded to the verification email (which is self explanatory).

5 - Click on <back to forum> in center of screen

6 - Upper right, click on your user name and then choose edit to change personal details as you see fit. Clicking on the “update” bottom of the screen saves those changes.  When done, click on the blue “Forums” word top center below the tabs.

7 - Click on the forum topic “Expedition Planning”

8 - Click on “subscribe” lower left (pop-up results, we suggest daily as a choice).  This will insure that you get email notifications of new posts to the Expeditions forum. 

9 - 
Repeat this step for every forum in which you have an interest.  

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