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I see posting the completion of a quest/challenge is a milestone (congrats S&Z on completing the MD star). I didn't think of that aspect as a milestone, but yup it is. So what are the guidelines for milestones.  On the Geocache.com site you can get the stats for your milestones in finds, e.g. 100 200 300 and so forth.  For me it seems my milestones are 'every new cache I find'.. but that would be a bit silly to post each one [wink]    So  what would be the sites milestone numbers for finds. 


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The word "milestone" has the following definition in the Oxford English Dictionary [OED]: 
"b. fig. A significant stage or event in the progress or development of a society, a career, an individual's physical and mental growth, etc.; a measure of progress or change. Cf. landmark n. 3."
Many geocachers use the number of caches found as a benchmark for this metric, and indeed, Groundspeak provides tracking of this in a tab of the statistics page of one's public profile.  Curiously, Groundspeak (at least as far as I could find) does not provide a definition of "milestone" anywhere on their site or in their Help Center.  There is a brief discussion of Milestones as regards Lab caches which can be found here (http://support.groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=558), but that has more to do with what they do and do not allow Lab caches to count for in their statistics generation schema.
Groundspeak counts the following finds as "Milestones:"
every hundred up to 1000
every 1000 up to 10,000
every 10,000
I did not chase it down higher than that, I had to look up Dixiegurl Suzanne's profile to get that far!
For folks to whom the numbers are of paramount importance, this may be the end of the discussion, but both Simon and I think that there are more well rounded ways to measure ones experience and performance as a geocacher. That being the case, we would offer the following metrics as additional measures of ones geocaching expertise; for us, any of these could be considered a milestone as well.  Here's some ideas:
- helped a novice cacher in just about any way.
- found one of each type of cache
- hidden each type of cache
- collaborated on a cache hide with another cacher.
- completed the difficulty/terrain matrix/
- completed a map based challenge, like Delorme or ADC.
- cached in other states/countries/regions
- made a concerted effort to help travel bugs achieve the goals set out for them.
- completed a geotrail or power trail, or geoart series of caches.
- completed a streak of some sort.
- attended an event.
- attended a mega event.
- hosted an event.
- hosted a non-local event.
A quick look at Deepdish23's list of Maryland challenge caches may provide you with some other ideas.  
For us, I guess the true measure of what makes you a better cacher, is what you have done to give back to the hobby.  If any of your achievements push you towards that goal, whether by increasing your level of experience and well-roundedness (so that you can be a better resource to a newbie), or by demonstrating that idea directly, we'd call that a milestone.
MD Crab

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We think a milestone is just about anything you did that you can be proud of.  A couple of years ago, there was a cache called the Maryland Scavenger Hunt that required you to locate, photograph, and record the coordinates of 100 different items across Maryland (a neon fish, a red and white checkered water tower, a sign showing an elevation over 2000 ft, etc.).  It took about six months for our team to find all 100 items and in the end we were able to log ONE, exactly ONE, cache.  But we sure considered it a milestone and bragged the heck out of it.  Anyway, that is our 2 cents worth.  
MD Crab   aka J&S 


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I agree w/ MDCrab on the Scavenger Hunt.  Not only did it take a long time (3 years for me) and many miles, but it made me really pay attention as I drove roads throughout the state. If I hadn't been more aware, I would not have found that big neon fish, nor the open drawbridge that I used for the challenge, among other things.  For me, this "milestone" signifies my increased situational awareness, as well as finding the myriad ways your senses of humor and discovery can be touched.
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