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As I have been thinking about find #4000, I settled on The Evil Imp GC3YJEG!

I was thinking that #4000 might come around the time of the MGS picnic, but what I hadn't anticipated was how quickly I would get to that number! if I count my CAM finds, I only need about a dozen finds to reach 4000 and I can't wait until the picnic [biggrin]
It looks as though there are some others reaching milestones and have contemplated this same cache, so it looks like we may have a milestone party! I'm planning to go this Saturday night, April 18. If others would like to join the party, send me a note: rabenfp@aol.com

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Hit 800 and can see my finds climbing quickly of late. One thousand is even looming but jnot anytime soon, never thought I would hit 100 much less 800.

On another note both IAm Just The Driver and I FINALLY finished the MD Star today. Took 5 visits to the areas and today we got the last 5.
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