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I just got the email and checked it out a little bit. VERY COOL!!!

An example: I just did a search of all caches with a terrain rating of 2.5 or higher within 20 miles of my house. The bad news: only 53 results with a few that I know to be missing. I really need to start driving further. [crazy]

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In order for you to have received the link from Groundspeak to which ProgKing refers, you would have to be a premium member, and would have had to have signed up for notification on tips and tricks.  If you met those two criteria, they sent a link today to a beta of the new search page, which they intends to seek feedback on soon.  Here is the link we received, I am not sure that it will work for you:https://www.geocaching.com/play/search

The page features a field into which you can enter a single piece of search criteria, such as coordinates, place name, GC code etc., and a set of filters you can click on to tweak the results.  The net result is something in-between what they have now for search, and a pocket query.  Ostensibly, the search engine is better and will recognize a keyword that is anywhere in a cache name, as opposed to the current search which must be exact.  Note that the maximum search radius is thirty miles, and the default is ten miles, and seems to be geographically based.  Thus, if you use the search term "United States" with no filters, it will yield a result of 24 caches within a 10 mile radius of a circle geographically centered in the U.S.

I encourage all of you to experiment with it and provide Groundspeak feedback on your likes and dislikes when that offer us the opportunity.
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