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I just posted this on the MGS forums, but am re-posting here as it's particularly applicable to our audience...

For those of us who hike and cache regularly around Patapsco Valley State Park and Liberty Reservoir.. Towson University is doing a study to map the spread of invasive Wavyleaf Basketgrass. They have an app you can download (iPhone or Android) to report infestations along your hike. They're looking for more people to download the app and help out with this effort. I heard about this through Patapsco Heritage Greenway, and figured I'd spread the word to the caching community, as we tend to get "off the beaten path" and see areas that a lot of other people don't. I tried the app out this morning, and reported several Wavyleaf sightings, and it worked fine for me.

For more information, go to: http://www.towson.edu/wavyleaf

There are links there to download the app, as well as a map that shows areas where people have reported sightings. I'm sure they would appreciate more readings. In particular, Liberty Reservoir is teeming with basketgrass, but currently very little of it is mapped on the site.

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