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WVTim recently announced his seminar event in March.  This is one you won't want to miss, always a fine time and more to learn, with some of our own leading the break-out sessions.  Please be sure to spread the word, and to invite/bring new cachers.  This event had about 200 attendees last year, and it really embodies the spirit of the C3F, so I very much encourage you to attend.  Those who've been in the past and asked for notification received the following email from Tim, which pretty much sums things up:

"Greetings from WVTim
Last year you attended the Geocaching Seminar and on your evaluation form you asked to be notified of the upcoming seminar. 
Well, its coming. 
March 14th from 9am-12:15pm at Independent Bible Church in Hedgesville, WV - same location as all previous seminars. Doors open at 8 am
Based on your feedback, we are doing 2 Breakout sessions this year.  Allowing the sessions to be a little bit longer to allow the presenters to cover more material. 
We have some great seminars planned this year.  The event site will give you all the details. 
Happy to announce that Berkeley County and I will be rolling out it’s 3rd geotrail.  BUT, this year’s trail will go active on June 27th.   We have 14 unique and creative gadget caches ready for this summer’s event.  We will be introducing at least 2 new caches on the new trail the week of the seminar.  So, there will be some new gadget caches to find after the seminar.  More details about the new trail will be available at the seminar.
We hope you can make plans to attend.  
As always, we would love it if you bring your friends and neighbors who have expressed an interest in geocaching.  We love having newbies.   We have two great breakout sessions designed for them. 
As always, free coffee and donuts, kids welcome and great door prizes.  We hope you can make it. 
Tim Eggleston
p.s. Can you please help us by sending this to another geocacher who might be interested and thanks for using your social media outlets to tell others about the seminar."

I hope to see all of you there - 


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